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For clients who are new to lawyers, he is willing to provide “no risk consultations” as for those unsure of their rights, responsibilities and options i.e. with no fees required until the client retains him as counsel.

While Dean C. Berg, Esquire houses a more or less general practice, he spends most of his time and effort in estate planning, estate administration, wills; family law and general civil litigation.

Berg's style and method is evident in such matters as child custody where he attempts to “steer” clients into constructive resolution as opposed to "pitched battles," "dirty play” and hard fought drawn out campaigns.

He emphasizes: JOB ONE for parents is to tether the child to experiences toward developing a child who can survive and thrive without his/her parents. Clients do well by less attacking, smearing and being stubbornly aggressive rather than understanding what needs to be done to “fix” and repair negative situations. While he enjoys a “good battle,” in Court, he strongly discourages "going for broke” and “going into hock” just for some pyrrhic victory.

If you are in Allentown, Northampton, or the Lehigh Valley area, and you are looking for help with estate planning, reach out to Dean Berg Law in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania today and get the process started.


For over four decades, individuals & families have trusted Dean Berg to give them the one-on-one guidance their important legal situations deserve.


No two clients or their cases are exactly alike. As your attorney, Dean Berg will craft a strategy that is tailored to suit your unique needs and goals.


Throughout every step of the legal process, you will have peace of mind with an attorney who is available and accessible to answer your questions.

Client Testimonials

Attorney Berg's piano in his office

Mr. Berg is a very congenial and capable attorney.

Legal Representation You Can Trust

Attorney Berg, while busy, favors the smart client; and those disadvantaged by discrimination and unfairness. In many cases he is able to draw on case and life experience to quickly “size up” the essences of disputes but without rushing to judgment and “snappy (frivolous) lawsuits. He is not timid about being “well thought out and cerebral in his approach with an eclectic style and drawing both upon history and multicultural perspectives. If you seek simple and easy answers unfolding complexities, Berg is not your man.

Visitors may care to review some of his ruminations and ideas outside the traditional structures of an average law practice.

In all litigation matters involving landlord/tenant disputes, contracts, lease agreements, and more, turn to Dean Berg for knowledgeable representation. If you are in the Lehigh Valley area, Northampton, or Allentown, reach out to Dean Berg Law in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania now to start with a no-risk consultation to discuss your case.