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"America First"

True, “AMERICA FIRST” sounds like a welcome rallying cry to inspire citizens to be proud - a hubris “blue pill” if you will. But what does it really mean? The suggestion that “America” be first suggests some sort of contest or competition against essentially all other countries and nations. It suggests a ZERO SUM ORIENTATION that we, as Americans, are better and that others are lesser; that we are more deserving than others and that we should take steps to make sure that America comes out on top. (If Donald Trump were sincere, he certainly would not have imported two of his three wives.)

Those unfamiliar with the Zero-Sum v Non-Zero-Sum dichotomy, which unfortunately, seems to be most of the population, hardly realize that such other possible orientation can exist. When one enters essentially a contest only to win, it implies that “winning is everything;” that anything and everything that can be done to insure winning be done; that cheating is acceptable along with spying; dirty tricks; gimmicks, etc. Lance Armstrong and the Russians used performance enhancing drugs. Vladimir Putin poisons and kills his detractors.

The notion of“America First” cultivates a competitive, vying and non-cooperative stance. It implicitly encourages cheating; ill will; dirty tricks; bad mouthing; and an orientation that discourages working together in synergistic fashion to help the human race and the planet. Citizens of the world wish to maximize the welfare of all people and not clamor to the top of the pile by stamping, trampling on and downing all others.

“America First” is most un-Christian reminiscent of Jesus and the parable of honoring the “Good Samaritan” and Jesus, while on the cross suggesting “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”