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Among the Dumbest Commercials to Increase "Brain Accuracy"

One company pushes its product to increase five brain functions. Among the brain functions in addition to “focus” and concentration” is listed “ACCURACY.”

How, for instance, would anyone construe “accuracy” as a brain function?” Does this mean that one remembers 3.000000 and not 3?

It is true that memories can run the whole gamut from excellent and near photographic. There are some among us with super auto-biographical memories who can recall thousands of specific days in their lives and associate and recall specific dates with particular events. Others, may exhibit a near complete loss of memory. Some mental gymnasts memorize Pi to 1000 or even 100,0000 places. Others may know recall all 46 US Presidents with their vice Presidents and years of service. But the range, skill and availability of memory has nothing to do with “Accuracy,” except if one is so deluded that he thinks “Miller” is McKinley; that “Dryerton” is Washington and that “Falseman” is “Truman” and that these “slippages” are deemed to reflect an inaccurate memory.