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An Equilibrium Does Not Require God

Among other things, this writer was approached by a naive soul who imputed God's intervention to keep the Earth in (seeming) perfect orbit around the sun i.e. just enough that the Earth would be “sucked in and scooped into the sun” no more than necessary to exit it's orbit and spin off out of our solar system. Too many of us observe all sorts of phenomena that represent equilibria including such things as vehicular traffic which breeds more traffic sufficient to create bottlenecks and gridlocks all around large cities, much the same as some rivers develop whirlpools or in the fashion of the Red Spot on Jupiter which is a giant storm that never seems to dissipate nor resolve.

True, it may be exceedingly interesting to note essentially all orbits of the planets to be more or less in both the same direction and same plane. It may strike us as odd that the same side of the moon always faces the earth.

If we wanted to be really silly, we might remark that the Earth is also perfect in having 24 hours in a day and 365-1/4 days in a year, by ignoring the fact that we set up our time and calendars to fit the rotation and revolution of the earth. And our definition of day is purely dependent only on our planet's rotation and has nothing to do with any day on any other planet. But just because somethings happen and establish an equilibrium hardly means that God's hand (thumb or foot) had something to do with it.