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Average on Earth

The average Surface of the earth is covered by ocean more than three miles deep. So what!!

This statistic makes about as much sense as most other averages bandied about by the media.

The center of gravity of a donut is the hole. So what does that say about averages?

We assume when we talk about averages that the entire population is centered about the center of gravity or mean and we forget that there is spread, dispersion, diversity, outliers and an angular momentum if you will, such that the mean, in and of itself, without more explanation, is most often meaningless.

When we think we are smart to spouting off averages, it is us who are really stupid by not knowing the limitations of our knowledge by merely citing averages without addressing the dispersion of the population and without commenting on numbers of case, skewing, the standard deviations, etc.

At a given cemetery the average person has been dead for 14.29 years. So what! What does that mean? Some scientists speak of the average temperature on earth. But that means nothing to fish 5000 feet below the surface or climbers on Mt. Everest nor sojourners to the Dead Sea in Israel.