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Words are often BLUNT instruments (or sharp).

Ponder the Dexterity of BoXing Glo*ves

Words are STeReO-tyPes

Names of Colors are crude stereotypes - perhaps 8-20 names for more than 10,000 variations

The word "F>I>R>E!" Can cause panic. Racial epithets can "spark" violence. Words can TRIGGER signal reactions - which seem to "bypass" thought and careful reasoning.

Consider "walking" - versus ambling, hobbling, skipping, tripping, swaggering, trudging, skampering

Words can be PoWerFuL:

swords may be uni-dimensional

Some confuse B-I-G with TALL

Others confuse "Wealthy" with "high incomed"

Dirty with contaminated and sticky - with greasy - with dusty - impure - with low grade mixture