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Casinos - Blackjack - Fairness

What are casinos besides dens of iniquity? They exist to scalp others; to take advantage of stupidity and those who believe in luck and wish to get rich by fleecing the foolish and vulnerable.

They set up odds and rules so that the house must win. They allow “nibbles'' and tiny wins and on great occasions, large wins to spur millions of like minded fools to “try their luck.” They rig everything from the lighting to the sounds and drinks to “loosen” those ready to part with their money for the chances of a lifetime.

With Blackjack, the casinos insist that they have a right to design the rules of the game to guarantee that the house wins. When every one skilled in counting cards appears and starts to win and beat the odds, they are cornered and booted out and the Casino calls that special skill as “cheating” and prohibited. It is akin to professors forbidding studying before a test because it gives them an edge over dummies who did not learn the subject matter.

It is interesting that the State Gaming Commissions are in cahoots and complicit with the Casinos by enforcing the prohibition against card counters. Why should a highly acquired skill be deemed cheating? Only because the casinos owners insist that they control the destiny and occasional wins exist only to tantalize and persuade fools to part with more money. It is a sickening and disgusting business and those who license it are a part and parcel of the disgust. Why should casino owners be entitled to millions as they rip off the fools who are seduced into foolishness?