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Directionality - Relationships

In space there is no up or down, North or South. Neither is there any East or West Up or Down in the middle of a molecule or atom. Rather, such terms are indeed parochial and relative for purposes of furnishing orientation in our daily activities. Interestingly, digital thinkers tend to “skip,” ignore and avoid such terms and directions as well as distances and other quantitative references. “Yes, his place is close to the strawberry patch.” Digital thinkers think in pointillistic fashion like points of light and in the fashion of “O's” and “1's” used by computers.

Analogical thinkers, on the other hand think in terms of configurations, images, context and interrelationship and employ qualitative and quantitative measures including directions, latitude, longitude, distances.

Oftimes digital thinkers become very impatient and intolerant of cross-references and redundancy as if that were a call to stupidity— “I said what I said and I said it. I don't need to say it again.” The analogical person typically seeks redundancy to assure himself/herself of correctness whereas the digital person elects to rely on GPS as if it were gospel.