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Straight Lines Make Us Dumb

Why do we teach impressionable children about squares and straight lines, especially if neither of them can be found in nature. Bees use hexagonal structures, not square, for their honey. The DNA molecule incorporates the double helix. Despite the notion that we believe we are “straight shooters” and that we shoot straight, bullets fired do not travel straightly but rather they take the path of a parabola as they process and progress both forward from the muzzle and earthward.

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More On Straight Lines

A straight line is the shortest distance between two points i.e. but only on paper. Once we leave paper and two dimensions, however, things get more complicated.

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The Danger of Straight Lines

While we teach our youngest children about such notions as Squares and Straight lines, we fail to tell them that these things do not exist in nature. Therefore, Squares and Straight Lines are manmade creations, concepts, tools (and obsessions).

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Accordion (Driving)

Few of us admit to be enamored by Accordions (per se). But when it comes to driving and stopping in traffic, most of us drive as though we were totally in love with the age old practice of stretching out and scrunching tightly together, as we do when we huddle and nestle around traffic signals.

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The Unlikely Bubble (Nature's Surprise)

Because we have grown up with bubbles and known about them throughout our lives, we are likely to construe Bubbles as less than spectacular. But consider the delicacy and perfection of a Bubble. Consider the seeming rarity of the combination of forces and materials required for nature to do its “magic.”

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Do the Right Thing

Perhaps some among us, are perplexed, baffled and flummoxed by the commonly heard refrain, “Do the right thing." So to put it bluntly, this writer asks, “What is the right thing?” In this whole universe with the trillions of events, questions, variables, etc., what do we really mean by “do the right thing."

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Words As Paint

Too often we forget that words are the metaphoric paint by which we depict the universe, ourselves and what is going on. But is it not instructive to come to appreciate the metaphor and to learn how to use words in better ways to paint realities more true to form and in the ways that things are.

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The Best Color

An average human eye can see thousands of colors, shades, hues, and tints. Many others can see tens of thousands (consider the 2766 shades of blue for the people who died at Ground Zero). Yet the average person may be able to name perhaps one to two dozen among them. Unfortunately, it is not obvious that the common parlance system of naming colors is mythical, silly and invites confusion as when many proponents argue, quibble and go to war over color. (We even confuse color with race and assume that racism is about color.)

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Making Silence Work For You

Never allow silence to be nothingness. Always use silence to your and your client's advantage. So often it's possible to define what silence shall mean in the context of a contract and communications. And always attempt to be in the “driver's seat” in terms of depicting the terms of silence and how it shall govern in your affairs, relationship and agreements.

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What Is a Lawyer Good For?

Why are there so many jokes about lawyers?

To much of the public, Lawyers are portrayed as “hired guns” willing to do anything for a fee?

Dean C. Berg, Esquire sees lawyers and lawyering as opportunity: chance to look at the world in different wAyS?

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