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Wind as a Strange Phenomenon

March 24, 2021

Not everyone is aware that Wind is created typically when air moves from a high concentration to a lower concentration i.e. a matter of equalizing pressure. Consider a balloon that is fully blown up with the open end untied. When one lets go of the balloon, the balloon tends to “fly around" until the compressed air inside has been exhausted. With a balloon it make take 2-3 seconds. With wind, however the re-equilibrating may take sometimes 24 hours. It may seem interesting, odd and somewhat inexplicable that the re-equilibration does not occur in a matter of seconds but instead may take place over 86,000 seconds i.e. a near a full day. But because the areas covered the multiple pressured areas may cover more than 100,000 square miles, there may be hundreds of rounds of gusts i.e. until the full equilibration can take place.