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Half Is Not Half

Seemingly, we are weaned on simple arithmetic as if that is the way nature and the world operates. We tend to equate being half done with half the time to complete a project, with half the materials and in half the effort. We thus presume a one to one correspondence between efforts and results; between input and out; between work and remuneration, etc.

Among other things, too few of us understand, appreciate and anticipate such things as brain storming, planning, “start up costs”; costs of architectural fees; democratic procedure to decide what should be done. We ignore lag factors and economies of scale. We assume an explicit immutable and proportional relationship between cause and effect.

Even with evolution it took billions of years for the first molecules of DNA to evolve but yet scientists can observe rapid evolution of bacterias within months. A complicated building may be a dozen years in the making but it may be possible to erect the skeletal framework of it in days.

In nature and in human terms, the interrelationships between such things as plans, acquisition of approvals, materials, strategic review, commencement, work delays, do-overs, etc. are essentially always disproportional and we are but fools to think otherwise.