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"His People"

On occasion, we hear individuals make comments as “HIS PEOPLE” or “HIS kind” as if people are to be sectioned off and type cast into kinds and brands. Typically, such references concern “Race.” Some have the temerity of to suggest that individuals should “stick with their own kind.”

Such talk elevates “Kinds” and “types” of people over and above the notion that they among are human beings and that we are more of a “type” or “brand” than anything else. What could be more ignorant, biased, insulting and reprehensible? It's like requiring credentials to get into heaven.

While the whole concept of “Race” is mythical and erected on junk science, Racism, or the singling out of “kinds,” “brands” and "types" of people is most pernicious, nasty, evil and a kind of intellectual disease----original sin if you will---is real, hurtful, sinister, naive, and immoral. Too few of us appreciate the complicated concept of “REIFICATION” i.e. treating and regarding concepts, categories, kinds and types as ontologically more real than any and all underlying (physical) realities —of treating the maps and representations—ideal types if you will---as more authentic and real than the underlying territories.