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Some among us see Jesus' face in our pancakes. Others envision the figure of an Angel in a cloud or the face of one's daughter in the sawed off surface of a tree trunk. Our nervous system is seemingly "hard wired” (a metaphor) to see images of human faces all around us and even recognize a pattern in child's toys left in the grass.

We yearn to see in images at every turn because our nervous system is on the prowl for them. But iconicity can exist not only in visual images but also among ideas. While too often we hear that “History repeats itself,” it is better said that “History Rhymes.” The familiar icons of history ring loud in our auditory memory and we “re see” and “re-hear” and “re-think” (conceptualize) patterns of yesteryear.

It seems that we just cannot “escape” from ourselves. Nearly everything we do is in part autobiographical and suggestive of our biases, obsessions, our mental gridding as well as our insecurities and our need to be in “close touch” with that from whence we came. It seems that no matter what we do, it reflects ourselves. Our indigestion may take some special form in our writing. Our longing for a deceased spouse may redirect the plots of our dreams. Our craving for symmetry may the way we frame the subject of our photograph.

Authenticity and self-actualization,' however, become key and a byproduct of our escape from the chains of biological, psychological and social influences hopefully to appreciate realities without skew, bias and provinciality.