When Important Decisions Need to Be Made
Let an Attorney Lead the Way

Making "The Right" Decision

Only in a strictly binary world, does this make any sense. The world is hardly so simple and one dimensional that one only is faced with an either or decision. There are essentially always alternatives when it comes to styling, timing, etc. Sadly, few of our brethren know anything about permutations, combinations, multiplicity nor the narrowmindedness of Mono-dimensionality.

Among other things, “rightness" may mean many things from “morally right,” to the “right" answer in a test or quiz; the “right” response to a policeman to avoid being shot or put into a chokehold (of which there may be thousands of alternatives). “Rightness" may only be an avenue to comfort or a compliance with a New Year's Resolution or an appeal to one's aesthetic bias.

In a sense, we never really know what “right” means until we embed it into the relevant context. But to suggest that it is ever totally obvious suggests ignorance and lunacy.