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Newsflash: This World Not Uneven

Few of us believe that each and every person is .08974316 months pregnant. But when we hear that one person is dying of the Covid-19 in California every 1.132 minutes, we tend to believe our ears. Other times we are told that each 11.67 seconds a vehicle is stolen, we absorb such nonsense credulously. Do we really believe that there is a precision network of auto thieves who choreograph thefts to take place at a perfectly even rate namely to match the 11.67 national rate? Come on!!! Why is it we dismiss the first observation but "sign on” to the rest?

The problem is our defective language and our use of phrases such as “each and every” which implies a perfect“sameness” and “evenness” about phenomena that take place. We assume that across the United States and the world, all rates are even i.e. at least until we hear the breakdown by race, region, political party, etc.

Similarly, some company boasts that “each and every day” it saves millions of dollars in taxes for its subscribers i.e. as if each and every day were the precisely same —i.e. no trends, volatility, etc. Yet that company may be closed on Sundays, holidays, on snow days, Easter, etc.

On this earth, essentially nothing is perfectly and evenly divided down to the last molecule. Why do we think there are clouds? — i.e. because clouds are the near perfect example of subtleties in micro-environments, noting that every place that we observe a cloud is different from everywhere the cloud does not exist — and yet clouds have among the most varied shapes in nature and they are in a state of constant flux (in multiple dimensions)?

But unfortunately, our language weans us onto the myth of OMNI-EVENNESS. We ignore the fact that rates, averages and percentages are “static and biased samples” for the most part made for "dopes” who wish to "wrap” their minds around simple numbers. We think in terms of “thing-ness” and we ignore process, flux and change and that change changes change. Essentially nothing in this world is even —and even the desert sand dunes which illustrate nature's boredom with sameness and the weather becomes nature's way of mentoring us that the world, the organisms, and air (climate) are not in stasis, but that the joke is on us as we attempt to oversimplify everything into a child's world of stereotypes. Not only is the earth not flat, but it more like a flying circus than a giant placid rock.