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Nibbles ("Shorties" - Outside the Box)

Why did nature evolve the eye? (“I can't see why.”)

Nearly all rocket fuel is used to send up fuel, to send up fuel, to send up fuel...

If you wash something twice, does that make it twice as clean? How does twice as clean look? What does twice as beautiful look like? Or twice as good? (What seems to be scientific curiously often becomes nonsense.)

If you think that there are (BUT) two sides to every issue, then you are part of the problem: It's not a zero sum reality: How many sides, for instance, does a cloud have?

There are no squares---nor even straight lines---in nature. (The discovery of straight lines becomes evidence of human activity and that fact can be is used to locate missing ships.)

A fly can slow down a train, but not enough to talk about it. Life is too short to debate the obvious (or non-sense).

With tacking, a ship can sail against the wind. But that does not mean that the wind is not blowing.

A young girl in Peru was recently seen wearing a T-shirt with a message: "Born to be Authentic”—but if she were authentic she hardly clamor for a mass-produced T-shirt snatched off the rack to boast to the world of her own copycat version of “Authenticity.”

“Change changes Change.” (Change introduces differences and variations and continuing change invites newness of different kinds. Thus Change141 is not Change786.)

Rapists don't hunt on the streets: They hunt and prey where they are trusted.

Is prayer faster than the speed of light?

Who are we to tell the spider that the fly does not taste good?

Even a pilot who reaches 99.8% of his destination has still crashed.

Caterpillars don't request odometers. But they do brag that when they grow up they will be more beautiful as butterflies than anyone else. (How do we know if this is not true?)

Trump upon realizing the black spot on a map was North Korea, and not the ocean, as he surmised and seeing that Seoul was so close to it, immediately decided: “They Have to Move it” (i.e. Seoul, Korea with its 30 million residents).

Apes are more intuitive than most children on the floating peanut task: So who is the smart one?

The center of gravity of a donut is in the hole. So what does that say about averages (which is center of gravity dependent and nothing else)?