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But in reality, these things are learned. Something looks like it feels only because we open our eyes and see what we've been feeling and suddenly the bisociation or link is made. As it turns out the supposed correspondence is learned behavior. Similarly, from a distance, a photo of a person can appear like the real person (in the flesh). A recording of one's voice can sound like the live actual voice.

But consider sound effects experts who make and produce radio and TV programs as well as stage plays. For instance, we can crinkle paper to sound like a fire burning. There are hundreds of sounds that can be made by sound experts that the ear equates with other sounds so that we can fool people into believing the script.

Or consider as we drive down a road with the sun more or less behind us to the right or left. We observe a very bright tiny image which appears bright as the sun or as a brilliant mirror as we approach it. Often, as we close in on it, we notice it is merely a yellow highway sign that reflects the sun with such intensity that it, by itself, appears like the sun or a brilliant mirror. Thus two things that are totally different, become equated by the eye and brain until we get close enough to see the details much more clearly.

But for the most part, there is no one to one relationship between senses other than what is learned through experience.