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Divorce & Custody Attorney in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Berg's style and method is evident in such matters as child custody where he attempts to “steer” clients into constructive resolution as opposed to “pitched battles," "dirty play” and hard fought drawn out campaigns. He emphasizes: JOB ONE for parents is to tether the child to experiences toward enhancing a child's ability, willingness and verve to survive and thrive without his/her parents (i.e. preparing a child not to need his/her parents).

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Clients do well by less attacking, smearing and being stubbornly aggressive. It is prudent, productive and economical to understand family dynamics rather than pushing to “blow up" negative situations. While he enjoys a “good battle,” in Court, he strongly discourages “going for broke” and “going into hock” just for some pyrrhic victory (as if sharpening his spurs).