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Wills Attorney in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

When we execute a Last Will and Testament, in short, we are making law and arranging the future. A Will is a smart way of dealing with risk factors and letting others know how we love and appreciate them. In a nuclear family, generally the object is to “get the children out of the woods” who may otherwise be orphaned by bad sets of circumstances. And when one has neither spouse nor children, the “sky is the limit” for making one's mark on the world and showing others where your values and priorities lie.

Put Your Wishes in Writing

AGE (and the unexpected) can be most unkind. While we presume we will age gradually and more or less "fade away” in a predictable fashion, too often we fail to realize the world of the unexpected and that so much of life is episodic, accidental, luck of the draw, and a despotic determiner of our futures. With these things in mind, it is prudent to plan for the unexpected including Wills, Powers of Agents and qualified agents, appropriate insurance, and anticipating Guardianships and extra protections.