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Shorelines - a Metaphor for One to One

While few people realize it, one to one (1:1) thinking is an integral byproduct of our mental apparatus. Without thought, many among us just assume one to one correspondence or one to one relationships in what we see, known and observe. We tend to assume one part cause and one part effect; that success is proportional to effort; that strength is proportional to exercise; that rewards are proportional to efforts, etc. Such correspondence, unbeknownst to most of us, is the somewhat rare exception.

An interesting metaphor and analogy to one to one is a presumption that shorelines on both sides of a given river are for all intents and purposes the same and that one reflects the other. Hardly do we presume that one side may have more indentations, interruptions, nooks and crannies, sidelines, special highlights, etc. far more than the other. One side may have waterfalls, parks, docks, marinas, eddies whereas the other may seem uneventful, and somewhat inglorious. But just because two shorelines lie on opposite sides of a river, hardly implies, requires or mandates that they may be in any way similar. And to be sure one mile along a cost may overlook 100 or even 1,000 miles of coastline, as we consider many of the indentations, interruptions, etc.