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The Best Color

An average human eye can see thousands of colors, shades, hues, and tints. Many others can see tens of thousands (consider the 2766 shades of blue for the people who died at Ground Zero). Yet the average person may be able to name perhaps one to two dozen among them. Unfortunately, it is not obvious that the common parlance system of naming colors is mythical, silly and invites confusion as when many proponents argue, quibble and go to war over color. (We even confuse color with race and assume that racism is about color.)

Best is inextricably tied to mission, purpose or crisis de jure. When one's life hangs on the color results of a treated strip dipped in our urine, that sought after shade becomes the best color. A photographer realizes that the source of ambient lighting can enhance or destroy the beauty of a model's skin tones as we often notice that a cell phone can capture or lose beauty by adjusting the color . Kodak manufactured film that would not replicate the complex skin patterns of those with much darker skin (at least until the late 1990's).

It seems that we are quick to learn foolish things and very much addicted to foolish and destructive thinking.

Cameras do not see what we see and no two people see identically.