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The Illusion of Best

Seems like we are bred and schooled to assume that there must always be a “best of anything. By this way of thinking, all members point to the best and emulate the best approaching perfect or perfection.

We hold beauty contests, publicize IQ scores, award Nobel Peace prizes, and publish the Guiness Book of records, etc. When we obsess with “Best,” we presume that there is but one singular way to be best (as all roads point to Rome). Of course there is a world of difference between a runner who can run a mile in 3:53 versus 121 women appearing in beauty contests who dwell from dozens of nations with numerous ethnicities and races and where the ratings are almost purely subjective i.e. here being no algorithm nor mathematical formula that instructs us how to rate and rank beauty.

But when we compare an opera singer, to a snake charmer, to a puzzle master as on America's Got Talent, surely we have been bought into the full Mono-dimensionalism of it all. We might as well simply ask: What is the best idea in the universe? What is the best word in the universe? What is the most beautiful thing in the universe?

Consider intelligence where we presume that intelligence and most skillful use of one's brain is reflected in an IQ score. But how can those with lesser intelligences design an IQ test for those with the supposedly vastly superior mental abilities? We would be but fools to attempt to extrapolate from items on the run of the mill IQ test. One cannot extrapolate intelligence any more than one can extrapolate beauty or artistic ideas or novelties. There are dozens of intellectual skills from computing, to learning languages, to solving puzzles; to translating languages; to imagining objects rotating in space; to solving engineering problems, etc., etc. While one savant excels in one, another with Aspergers shines in another and a conventional bright person finds the IQ test unchallenging.