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THE Truth

How often we hear the bandied phrase “THE Truth.” How might we distinguish “THE Truth” from something that is Truthful. What do we mean by “THE Truth? More importantly what do we think we mean when we say “THE Truth?”

First the word “THE” suggests a one and only and exclusive. Thus logically there can only be one “THE Truth.”

Let's take a hypothetical witness who has been sworn to testify about an accident that she observed? (More correctly we might suggest that she saw aspects or portions of the accident and not the accident itself. And we can see here how our speech and language often says “too much” and we attempt to prove more than we can.)

As she has been sworn to Truth, we might wonder as to what she might say that has any bearing on the case. We might ask her about her vantage point (and we typically think of visual vantage as opposed to audio vantage point). The screeching of tires, sounds of a crash, screaming voices before and/or after the crash may be relevant. Distance and lack of obstructed vision may pertain, as opposed to a leafy branch that may have obtruded a portion of the vehicle at the second of impact. Might a barking dog on the sidewalk approaching her in the seconds before the accident have played any part? Would we wish to know whether she knew the victim of the accident and had a few “tiffs” with him years back? Might we be interested in the grease spot, that she noticed in the road at a curve just before the accident which may have caused the vehicle to lose traction and move out of its intended past? If the accident happened in late afternoon and the sun was setting low in the horizon just over the point of impact of vehicles is that significant? Consider the notion that she was an alcoholic and had imbibed two drinks in the hour before her walk down the street. Might we consider the notion of her colorblindness or that she has experience as an accident reconstruction expert?

Now of all these things, if she were a witness, what might we classify, mark and designate as “THE TRUTH???