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"The Truth"

Where is the truth?

What is the truth?

What is “the whole truth?”

If one tells the truth, what does one tell?

How many truthful statements can be made about, say, a man on the street ---10, 117, 242,629, or 1,432,576,744? He has trillions of microbes in his gut. Perhaps 258,000 different genes. He has 15 years of education. He has lived in four countries and has 27 countries stamped on his passport. He speaks three languages. So now, how many truth statements can be make about him? He is allergic to fish and almonds. By the way he is 4'9" and weighs 118 pounds and is 57 years old. He has nine siblings living in five different countries. He is an expert chess player and has won tournaments all over the world. He has memorized four books on gardening and is an expert classical guitar player. So what is the truth about him? Do we need a separate universe to store all the information about him i.e. a place for the truth."

(Someone says depending upon what talking about): So how does one find the truth?

Which dimension of a situation are we talking about? What level of abstraction? What aspects (colors, shape, density, chemical properties, activity, solid-liquid-gas; scenario; something that changes, etc. etc.)