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The Unlikely Bubble (Nature's Surprise)

Because we have grown up with bubbles and known about them throughout our lives, we are likely to construe Bubbles as less than spectacular. But consider the delicacy and perfection of a Bubble. Consider the seeming rarity of the combination of forces and materials required for nature to do its “magic.”

If nature had not first “given us” the bubble, is it likely that we would never have thought of it?

A bubble is a perfect spherical envelope capturing and riding on air. Bubbles can form in plain and clear water or in soapy water. But consider the instant of bubble formation and how drops needed to be stretched equally, simultaneously and carefully into three dimensions into a near perfect sphere which seems to magically "snap shut into place to form a 360° envelope in all directions. The droplets did not learn to do this in school. It's analogous to a pizza man tossing his dough into the air and expecting it to form a perfect sphere—i.e. quite impossible, however, in that pizza dough is not a liquid like water. Yet nature accomplishes this miracle of sorts trillions of times.

It seems that the nearest that we get to achieving and observing bubble formation is when blow bubbles and cover the wand (“template”) with a "skin” of bubble “juice” and blow through the middle to stretch the liquid into achieving the near impossible and thus permitting nature to take its course and allow the “skin” to “jump” into bubble status. The process is, indeed, remarkable and seems to be another fantastic example of nature showing off.