When Important Decisions Need to Be Made
Let an Attorney Lead the Way

What Is a Lawyer Good For?

Why are there so many jokes about lawyers?

To much of the public, Lawyers are portrayed as “hired guns” willing to do anything for a fee?

Dean C. Berg, Esquire sees lawyers and lawyering as opportunity: chance to look at the world in different wAyS?

Many legal disputes occur because of bad, ineffective and defective communications. How many of us intuit that MILLENNIALS and DIGITAL THINKERS speak a different language from ANALOGICAL THINKERS? In one sense, “lawyerdom” is a cottage industry of sorts sponsored, reinforced and “buoyed up” by the many of us who communicate poorly.

Often we say too much and yet too little. We have a language suited for “on the run” and brevity over clarity.

We speak in absolute terms: “Every,” “never,” “exact,” "perfect,” “infinity,” “certain,” etc.

Atty. Berg reminds us of the hazard of FOOL'S INSURANCE

As when you, in short hand fashion, link up with another as to a “plan,” and say, “Just call me if that doesn't work out.”

So what is this FOOL'S INSURANCE?

You make a pact with a very good friend. You say, “No matter what happens, just call me if it's the end of the world.”

This way, if he does not call, you just know, it can't be the end of the world. DONE! A fool in comfort!