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Whose Earth is it Anyway

How much is the earth worth? How much would it be worth to save it?

How much would we be willing to spent to save it from near certain doom as instanced by a comet of 10K diameter headed directly for a hit, predicted for some place in North America?

How much might it be worth to save the air so that our grandchildren might be able to breathe the air without special devices say 40 years from now?

How much would it bother you if the seas rose say 5 feet and flooded and destroyed most of some 2000 cities around the world?

Suppose this would not happen for at least 25 years — would we care?

Would we care if the temperature and humidity increased in the United States so that we had mosquitos mostly with Nile flu and other serious diseases even as late as mid November and they started again in late February and that approximately 20,000,000 per year were being sickened in this country by these illnesses?


If we do not eat where we poop, why do we invite coal plants to produce air that we can't breathe and reproduce gas guzzling vehicles that destroy our air and then pay the petro companies billions to keep doing this?

Would you pay more for electricity to save your grandchildren's lives?

If you do not believe in the tooth fairy, why is it that we believe that we can burn millions of barrels of gasoline a day, millions of tons of coal a week for electricity and millions of barrels of diesel fuel a day and that the carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons have essentially no place to do, but that they do not linger in the air that we schedule for our breathing? Do we not believe that these chemicals can sting our eyes? If the air makes acid rain and destroys our tombstones, what makes us think that we can breathe this stuff without any consequence?

  • The Japanese have single handedly destroyed the world whale population.

  • We chemically poked a giant hole in the ozone layer near the South Pole with fluorocarbons in our aerosol cans.

  • In the US, we killed off the massive population of passenger pigeons' from 1850 to bring them to extinction in 1914.

  • So we do not think constant burning of oil and coal has any impact at all?

If you were able to see the future, and you knew your grandson would die of asthma at age 31, would you take any steps to make the air better for him in an effort to save his life?

If you do not believe in global warming, then we need to know who tells you what to read. (Those who do not believe in climate change are those that flunk the Marshmallow test.)